- Reptile Youth


“This band is so awesome they haven’t even released one single track. Instead the renegades in Reptile Youth are energizing themselves into a sharp cocktail of frequent police threats and a musical horror vacui at every concert that makes everyone run amok. You would most defo do the same.” - from Vice.com Reptile Youth is a post pop/punk duo from Denmark. The band was founded in 2009 by Mads Damsgaard Kris t ians e n and Esben Valløe. In 2010 the band received fame after doing the longest China Tour ever for a Danish band. In 2011 the band expanded with the drummer, Emil Vissing Christiensen, and build up an even bigger hype by playing their intense live show at big festivals and venues as the only band without an actual release: Iceland Airwaves, Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Wavves Vienna (Austria), Sonic Visions (Luxemurg), Unit Tokyo (Japan), SPOT Festival and Roskilde Festival (Denmark). Welcome to Reptile Youth, the bastard sons of psychedelic Sixites Soul, Post Punk and Synth Pop, stirred into a lookbook-approved vodka cocktail of sweaty, high- energy post-modern pop. Smart, but not too clever that they won‘t make you seriously lose your shit watching them live, the band are worshipped by almost every show critic, or indeed gig-goer out there. In Tokyo, Robert Michael Poole (CNN), said: “Reptile Youth brought the Club to its boiling point. I have worked here for six years now and I know how restrained - reserved even - the Japanese audience can be. That‘s why it was particularly cool to see the effect Reptile Youth‘s show had on the audience that got pumped right from the beginning.‘‘ In 2012 the band transmogrifi ed into a new form, under the name of Reptile Youth. Expanding their stage presence with guitarist Mads Bergland and Emil Vissing on drums, the band continues to tour out of their Copenhagen headquarters - a city with a well known high-octane live band scene. What‘s more, 2012 will see Reptile Youth’s hotly anticipated debut album released to the world. Capturing the raucous kinetics of their live shows, the LP is set to stun. The album has been produced in London with star producers Dave M. Allen & Mark Ralph. Allen famously produced legendary bands like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and Human League, while Ralph sat behind the desk for the Filthy Dukes, remixed Lady Gaga and is producing the up-coming Hot Chip album. Furthermore the Danish producer Kasper Bjørke, who was also the man behind discovering and developing the int e rnat io nal talent Oh Land, has been acting as A&R and executive producer on Reptile Youth‘s debut album He says: “The album captures exactly that same madness and dynamics that the band master on stage - which was the biggest success criteria for the production phase.“ “Reptile Youth is a riot, a dream and a 21st century fuck you dadaism movement.” Mads Damsgaard