- Rene Marcellus


René Marcellus was born as René Berends on march 15th 1988 in Warnsveld (The Netherlands). Having allways been interested in music like anything from r & b and hip-hop to house music, René started DJ’ing in April 2009.What started out as a gift from his close friends soon started to grow to an addiction of mixing tracks and increasing skills. After his first gig in front of an audience, Rene knew this was what he wanted to do.From that day on he was always looking for places to play and to get in touch with event planners and club owners. After a while this man realised that mixing alone was not enough to get your name out there, so he started producing as well.In may 2010 fellow DJ and talent producer Stunson helped him out getting familiar to the program. This resulted into the track: René Marcellus ft. Stunson – I am perfect.This was internationally released on Punta del Este Records in October 2010. This is the first track René signed to a label. In September 2010 Rene made a bootleg of the track “Cool” by Spencer & Hill. Within 11 hours being online on soundcloud, he received a message from Spencer & Hill themselves with the request to take it of soundcloud and send them the original version. They we’re very interested in releasing this raw electro house banger as an official 2010 remix.On the 15th of September this track got released on Tiger Records in Germany and the feedback on the forums and websites were amazing. This is the start of a serie of releases on different labels.Be prepared for more banging latin, progressive and electro tracks!