- ReeWork


* BiographySuglia Vito aka ReeWork is a italian DJ / Producer / Remixer born on 21/03/1986 in Italy in the province of Bari. His passionate interest in music began with the pillars of the underground american Hip- Hop and Rap, capturing those who were the sounds and sounds of new Yorkers ghettos . From there he began his career as a DJ for the local province of Taranto-Matera and experimenting with techniques of scratching.A little later he hears a new musical innovation growing inside , captured more by the sounds and styles of music and Techno Deep Underground panorama made in London - Berlin.So he began to search for particular sounds and propose a new style of music and that has as its central theme is not the standard way to do so to cooperate Club. He start first with some clubs in the area , and then to work with the Sound Department, a new project music that takes hold in Taranto , and that a little later becomes a new concept of Club hosting artists as Levon Vincent , Subb - an, Redshape , Audiofly .Currently ReeWork continues to work with many local clubs and propose its wave music .* DicographyIn 2010 he began his productive career , with the first trials Deep & Tech who see him post on SHEEVA RECORDS 2 singles and an album on emun MUSIC .For they follow 1 remix by a great artist and friend VIKE RECORDINGS released on the album and most importantly Toy's Secret Room came out on CUT OFF RECORDINGS . Currently ReeWork continues its record production on the landscape Techno, Tech & Deep , often collaborating with other artists and remixers .