- reDJesh


About:reDJesh describes DJ-ing as a chess game: "you have to think ahead three or four tracks and anticipate on the crowd to keep things interesting enough on the dance floor".Biography:reDJesh (Redjesh Behari) was born in The Hague (The Netherlands) 1977 but after short time his parents decided to move to another city called Kampen. Growing up in Kampen you could find reDJesh most of his time at the neighbors home. Not that he didn’t like it at home but the neighbors had a piano so he was playing the piano there (not knowing what he was doing) unfortunately his parents did not see his interest in music and therefor did not pursue this. After a couple of years his parents decided to move to yet another city called Zoetermeer. This is where reDJesh came in touch with Caribbean music as his best friend’s father was playing the bass in a band. You could find reDJesh again at the neighbor’s home whenever the band was rehearsing. They also owned a Roland 808 drum computer on which reDJesh and his best friend tried to create hip/hop beats on. After shifting his interest from music into sports (basketball) reDJesh got in touch with some guys that made Hardcore Gabber music on the computer and had a studio at home. This is where his interest in (house) music got fired-up again and as his older brother got married and left the parental house reDJesh got his brothers Commodore Amiga 500. It was on this computer, a program called fast tracker and the knowledge he got from his new friends where reDJesh started to experiment with producing beats and programming synthloops.After a couple of years reDJesh came in touch with DJ- ing as a friend of his is a DJ and had decks. After a short while reDJesh decided to buy decks for himself and started to practice at home. About a half year later reDJesh was booked for his first performance. Nowadays he is performing his sets alongside with some of the “bigger” names in the DJ scene...De s c rip t io n:reDJesh’s DJ sets can be characterized as uplifting, tension building and you can’t stop moving on the dance floor. He likes to incorporate different styles of house music from soulful to electro and from Latin to tribal. He understands that it is the crowd you have to please as they are the ones that make it possible for him to do what he loves the most.