- re:deep


Due to the wide range of musical influences, re:deep creates a more melodious and organic style of house and electronica than may be typical. Quality music with depth and soul, this is one of the reasons he selected „deep“ to become the heart of the name. Music to dance to, but also for the individual to sit back and contemplate.He has already started producing back in the year 2005 and released over 10 “soulful-vocal-house” tracks and remixes, under his former alias KING DK, on renowned labels all around the globe.To avoid the influence of record labels, which often seek to push conformity, re:deep created the label „Vordergrundm usik ®“ to give him the freedom of producing whatever he likes and to generate a platform to enable the release of his own and befriended producers tracks exactly as they desire. After several single releases on his own imprint, he felt the need to express his soul into a proper Longplayer, which will finally see the light in early 2018.