- Re-Bound


Szabolcs Szalai aka D-Slide was born on the 4th of November in 1987, in North-West Hungary, Győr. He started to be interested in music at the age 15 with the Progressive Style. The series, Global Underground got him attached to the progressive music Steve Lawler’s mix album out a big influence on him. He began to create music at the age 19 for the first time he did it only as a hobby. Then he discovered the Fruit Loops music creator Software and by this point he got to the work as a producer. In 2009 he started to cooperate with his friend Gergely Hódi alias Doxx. He was born at the same place ont he 15th of October. He was interested in progressive house a genre for the first time at the age 14. The old hits at this sort of music gave him the idea and it’s still his favow rite style. He started to work with the software Ableton Live at the age 16. in October 2008 two of them started to work together as a dual dj team under to name D-Slide and Doxx aka Re-Bound