- Raphael Dincsoy


Raphael Dincsoy, a Techno addict from Stuttgart. Every day in Rapha`s life is completely turning around techno. He wakes up and he is falling a sleep with Techno in his mind. He works as booker for the Lehmann Club (Stuttgart) and he is the chief editor of the Partysan Magazine (Stuttgart). Also he is working for Martin Eyerer and his labels Kling Klong & Session Deluxe. But this isn t enough. Actually he and the Lehmann team are setting up an own artist management agency and an new vinyl/digital label. Besides all of this, Raphael Dincsoy is well booked as a Dj. As a producer he is busy in the studio. Current releases on labels like Micro.Fon, A.F.U Limited, Bulletdodge or Gayle San Recordings are speaking foritself.