- Rafi Levin


Estonian-born DJ and producer Rafi Levin spins a unique hybrid of powerful progressive and electro house. Within the electronic music industry, Levin has built a reputation as not only a successful DJ but also as a promoter. He is also co-owner of the rising young label Quartz Lock Records. His resume includes spearheading some of the best club promotional teams including Nerve, Steam and The Marlin. As a DJ, he has also graced the decks of hot spots across the US including Boston’s The Roxy, Highlands in Los Angeles, Atlanta’s Compound, as well as South Beach’s Rain, Nerve, Steam, Blue, and Pawn Shop. Levin used those skills while based in Amsterdam to put together a series of eclectic events called UMBRELLA wit h live bands in t he evening and Quart z Lock artists at night. The parties built a devoted follow and Levin honed his razor sharp DJ skills there. Now residing in Miami, he has also produced his own music with Justin Johnson, Funky Junction, Aquabooty, DHM, DJ Booggee, Vitaly to name a few. Levin is also one half of t he product ion duo Quart z People wit h releases out on Quartz Lock Records and San Francisco’s Cable Recordings. He and musical partner Vitor Fernandes combine their skill and experience in electronica, psychedelic trance, and rock to introduce a powerful, progressive source of dance music. A revelation that has developed from the two musical masterminds is the result of the passion, precision, and proficiency it takes to perform at another level, bringing an innovative sound and a massive vibe. Through their aspirations of enhancing the hottest sounds and rhythms with their extensive audio knowledge of studio equipment, Quartz People are on the way to becoming a shaping force in the industry.