- Rada


Rada is the founder of QM Allstars. Having been a participant in the electronic music scene since the late nineties when he started to mix vinyl and created his first beats, Rada’s actual musical journey began much earlier and traces back its origins to electronic music bands of the 80s such as Depeche Mode. Spanning over many years of experience, Rada’s musical taste has widen and incorporates almost everything from jazz and symphonies to synthetic sounds of techno, all of which heavily influence his production work. An avid record collector, Rada, continuously explores new music in search of inspiration and production techniques. His own production does not sit well within a single defined genre ranging from melodic house and techno to synth-pop and broken beats. Rada’s imprint, QM Allstars, enables him to work at his own pace avoiding unnecessary pressure and be more creative and take risks. With an absolute dedication to delivering quality electronic music, Rada will most certainly take over your hearts and ears with irresistible melodies that you can hear via his own label and a number of collaborations.