- Rache


Vrezh Baghdasaryan known as Rache is an Armenian music producer and DJ who was born in Yerevan in 1992. He started DJing in 2010 and making his own music from 2014 in Deep Techno, Techno genres. He has participated in music projects, such as URBANTRIPS and AREA51. from 2017 he started performing under the pseudonym “Rache” The same year Rache produced his first release ‘Metro “Ep on the Intellect Records label where he started collaboration with Spanish artist SAAQ and released “EP Overdoze” together. In 2017 he started his residency at B4 Room where he is hosting the events alongside local and International artists such as BOg, Switchdance, DeMarzo. From 2018 Rache is in active collaboration with “Bohemnots”. In 2018 he also started collaboration with Kitchen Recordings and Armenian DJs' Association and the result of that was the event with Ten Walls as a headliner.