Going in and joining an Electronic Dance Music genre is one thing.Betting on the future and evolving it with every inch of the heart is another.RA:SKL is a better!With a history in both Electro, House, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and love for all styles of music, RA:SKL gathers inspiration from all genres possible and gathers all elements in one place to create a sound suitable for past present and future.Since 2009 RA:SKL has spitting out tunes one EP after the other, by himself or as part of the duo RMS.Building his own sound with his own twist of present and future.In 2012 he proudly joined the Abducted Records Roster with the 'Cockfight EP'.With new tunes and mixes constantly in the works, with his new show at db9radio.com as long as his heart is beating, don't hold your breathe waiting for silence.