- R-Blazin


‘R-BlaZin’, Real name ‘Ramy Zeidan’, born in 1990 in Cairo/ Egypt has always had a love for music since he became passionate about his favourite pop and electronic bands such as ‘Westlife’ and ‘Effiel 65’.He started learning to play the guitar at 14 which only increased his love for music. Through the years he’s experimented with musical techniques which included the learning of the keyboard, creation and remixing of tracks. This lead to his production of music in 2007. His music went from a range of genres over time such as hip hop, pop, trance and ended up with his most loved type. House music.The effect it has on the audience gave him inspiration and influence to practice constantly to improve his natural talent with production skills.Signed With Big Labels Like : Ultra Records, Juicy Music, Pacha Recordings, Roton Music Romania, Groovebox Recordings.