- Quentin van Der Molen


He may not be the first one, and certainly not the last one, but Dutch based trance producer Quentin van der Molen is chasing his dream to become a worldwide renowned producer and DJ. With over 10 originals and remixes out there Quentin is establishing himself very quick. He is Getting great response from the trance family and from well known Dj's like ReOrder, Adam Ellis, Ozzy XPM, Allen Watts, Alex Wackii and many more. T he future looks bright for Quentin.The sounds of Quentin.Being a rookie in the trance scene can be a great advantage. A fresh state of mind about the sound of trance. Quentin is not limited by the genres and makes music he likes. Pushing the boundaries of trance with influences of Drum & Bass, as well as ambient and chill out, he stays loyal to the true uplifting trance sound.