- Punisher (Detroit)


Hailing from Detroit, Michelle Herrmann better know as just Punisher, is a petite techno veteran that packs a powerful punch. An observer and artist by nature, Michelle was drawn to music and the creative side of life since the beginning. She was fortunate to find her way into the Detroit techno scene in the early 90’s when the energy was awe inspiring, and from that moment Punisher emerged. From her career's onset in 1993 at only 15 years old, Michelle has set a precedent of raising the bar high for all things Punisher through flawless productions and dance floor igniting DJ and live PA sets. Very early on Michelle realized that being a DJ alone would not be enough to contain her artistic creativity and prowess. Trying to get closer to the music and release the sounds within, Michelle purchased some drum machines and was on her way to the next level. In 1996 and 1997, within a few years of learning the science of the synths, Punisher put out her first two twelve inch EPs on Sean Deason’s Detroit based label Matrix Records. Seeking to push forth the concepts of sound and motion, in 1998 she launched the seminal Detroit label, Seismic Records in addition to her collaboration with legendary producer Mark Gage of Vapourspace. The label quickly gained much critical respect with collaborations from many world renowned producers. Seismic has seen releases from the likes of the Advent, Bryan Zentz, and Andrei Morant. Through licensing by Dave Clarke, Bill Nasty and others, Seismic had become a strong international techno label. This thing we refer to as “techno” is limitless and over the years as technology has prevailed the music has evolved. Punisher’s style has progressed and grown along with the industry as if connected to a part of “techno” as a whole. Michelle’s musical creativity is currently being propelled into her latest undertaking - the founding of new label, Hej Records - with John Overfiend. Hej was founded with a vision: 'making a mark in the evolution of musical energy'. Hej’s premiere EP in 2007 entitled “Enter The Hej” with tracks by Punisher and Dave Powers, is a release emphasizing the innovative and energetic flavor of the label. Hej will put forth an onslaught of both vinyl and net tracks from a wide range of International and Midwestern talent. Punisher's music has also landed her upcoming immediate releases and remixes for Prosthetic Pressings, Klectik, Blank Code, Cryovac, and of course Hej. To back the momentum of her constant stream of releases, Punisher travels the world, djing and performing live PA sets on an array of machines. The recent Hej tour took her to Miami for WMC, South America where she represented Detroit at the Monte Mapu festival and famed afters of Ricardo Villalobos, Dominica 54, and a headlining spot at Detroit’s 2008 DEMF Movement festival. Within seconds she can hypnotize a crowd, her sound, a unique blend of exotic techno, sassy funk, and electric driving beats, has resonated on dance floors from the United States to Canada, Europe and Latin America. Michelle has literally pummeled walls of sound alongside artists such as Pascal F.E.O.S., Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Alex Under, and countless others, next time it could be you For more updates, tracks, and bookings check any of the sites below. Website /// www.hejrecords.com buy tracks at /// www.beatport.com search : hej records or punisher (Detroit) e-mail & bookings /// info@hejrecords.com myspace /// www.myspace.com/hejrecords www.myspace.com/punisherdetroit ( new music page)