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 - Psyfonic


Psyfonic, also known as Christian M. - head and founder of Sun Department Records. He lives in Hamburg - Germany and since 2001 he is active in the psychedelic trance scene as DJ and Producer. In 1999 Psyfonic came into contact with psy-trance. That was at an open air festival in East-Germany. He was smitten from the start of this sound energy and openness of the people. From then on, he just wanted to psy-trance parties. Since 2008, he also produces his own tracks. The style of his own tracks ranges from Psychedelic Progressive over Psychedelic FullOn to uplifting Night Psytrance. Ranging from 138 bpm up to 147 bpm. He does not like to rush into a corner which comes to his sound. He loves to experiment, he loves to try out different sounds. You can tell then to the extent of his own tracks. His DJ-Set`s includes most of Psychedelic FullOn to Night Psytrance mixed with his own tracks to bring the people to dance at night or in the early morning hours.