- PsyDee


PsyDee is the Progressive Trance project of Rob Dee (CH)Rob Dee is a child of the 90ies and love electronic music. He lives the real lifestyle of techno music since 1994.with LOVE, PEACE and T OLERANCE we can do a better world... C`mon partypeople!! Let`s celebrate life and have fun with us and our music....Bio:since 1994 Rob Dee is interessed and are doing active work around electronic music and lifestyle.From 1994-2000 Rob Dee played at small (Highschool) partys, different small clubs and partys. The first steps in music business and stage entertainment was done.From 2000-2007 Rob Dee was very active to create electronic dance events and lifestyle in Grisons (CH): he played at White Wolf CD-Tour, P1 Club Chur, Abstract Club and worked as eventmanager of many popular events like: Die Housefabrik (around 700 people) ,Around the world party (1500-3000 people) , Silvesternight Partydome (around 4600 People) ,HardQr partyseries (around 200 people)In the year 2007 he started the fusion of all projects into his innovative multimedia, lifestyle and eventcompany "D- Emotions group".The concept was established on the crazy market around electronic music, lifestyle and happenings in a very short time.Today D-Emotions is professional partner for differentthings like eventdecoration, eventtechnique, multimedia, music production, booking, promotion and entertainment. Labels/Agencys and Clubs like Oxa, MBG International, Funky Fruit Records, ETX Records Energy, BBRecords , Cherry Betas Records and other professional companies work with D-Emotions for guaranteed pure swiss quality.Living the D-Lifestyle, hard work and the pursuit of real quality are the reasons for this way up to one of switzerlands top shot companies.Today Rob Dee is an excellent name in the swiss scene and work with popular acts of the electronic music scene on different projects.Big Names like Max B.Grant, Dave202, Eric Preston, Solar System and other important people support the way of Rob Dee. He played on stage with many artists and headliners from around the world.Gigs at clubs like: OXA, Loop, Vibes, UG , Reaktor, Event Stage, Palazzo and also bookings for events like Energy,Street Parade, Dark City, Goa Elements are the fruits of Dee`s work from the last 12 years...Today Rob Dee`s work is mostly focused on Fist Records and the musical side of the business. Fresh music and new collaborations are in progress..... --->Welcome to Rob Dees wonderland of sound