- Psibindi


Psibindi is breaking fresh new ground in Psychedelic Trance, using her unique vocal ability to add a powerful human feeling to the music. The classically trained Indian singer and accomplished Psychedelic Trance DJ is now making waves as a producer. Signed to UK-based label, Aphid Records, Psibindi has worked with Psy-Trance maestro, Aphid Moon, and talented young producer Mechanimal. Together they have created three successful EPs; Psychic Traveller, Binary Star and Elliptic. The spirit and sounds of Psibindi are gaining momentum on an international scale with multiple tours across Europe. From the studio to the stage: her stunning live act performance at Hungary’s Ozora Festival 2016 had a large crowd stomping to their heart’s content. She then kicked up a storm at BoomTown Festival’s Tribe of Frog Stage. The sonic diva plans to re-launch her solo singing project ‘Rena’, with exciting new commercial releases recorded with top music producer Hannah V. Psibindi is also a representative for Native Instruments, helping run their bi-monthly Native Meetup events in London. Inspired by NI technology, the artist has recently delved into mixing Techno stems under the new guise ‘Tekbindi’. Psibindi is the founder of global arts collective Psy- Sisters. She continues to push the boundaries for female artists, providing a platform to promote and support creative women in the scene. Official website: www.psibindi.com