- Princeps


PRÏNCEPS are a musical collective consisting of Renz and Press that create sounds and images that are suitable to be consumed by most but can be enjoyed by all. Mixing eclectic re-imaginings of popular songs previously recorded by other artists with their own bass heavy emotionally driven original compositions they literally exist. With a nod to the festive period the debut release of the Blink 182 classic 'I Miss You' in December 2017 is just a small window into project PRÏNCEPS. 2018 see's the release of 'One More Light' by the iconic Linkin Park with all proceeds going to the One More Light Foundation and the anti Valentine's Day anthem original 'Already Forgotten You'. 2019 see's the bands creative output come into it's own leading with the upcoming single 'So Numb'. Hi-octane, hi-energy and heavy bass are the main components of the tornado that consists of the PRÏNCEPS experience. Listen. | : |