- PRA2


What is PRA2? Actually, they are 3 guys: Valentin Prados (19 years old) and his two invisible friends "John" (4 years old) and "Johnny" (2 years old).How do you pronounce it? Letter by letter: P. R. A. TwoWhere are they from? They are from Argentina.What do they do? Music. Any genre, any sub-genre. :)Who is describing them in this Bio? The parasites in Valentins brain. We want some credits also, cause we collaborate with Valentin, to help them to make their music. :)What can you do in t his moment ? Definitely, Share their music, cause John wants to be famous, and Johnny wants to be rich. And if you share their music with your friends, they may could fulfill their dreams. Valentin just want to get some hot blondes, so, don't do it for him, do it for John and Johnny.