- Portmann & Addario


PORTMANN & ADDARIO Mid-90’s the exact same guys were producing electronic music. As a live act called „Brain Access“ they spent 11 years rocking the stages of clubs all over Switzerland and it’s neighbouring countries. Today is the day, now is the time: Matthias Portmann, head of Portmann & Addario, recreated the group: new name, new logo, new music. Portmann & Addario came to life! Shortly thereafter, their first release with their own label (Metronom DeLuxe Records), called „Stars Under The Sun“, was to follow. This track marked the beginning of a new era and further tracks are soon to follow one-by-one, all of them bearing only one goal in mind: giving you goose bumps. Call it Bigroom-House, Club-Music or whatever you want...All that really matters is hearing beautiful melodies and sounds that put you in a trance and make your body move. So if the dancefloor’s gotta burn: Portmann & Addario is your answer. Because that’s what gets under your skin!


Top 100 Dance Charts Volume 02
Desmonduke, Dariio, Reincarnate, Leonardus, Global Defence, Flowtec, Bernd Kuchinke, Gaetano DJ, The Therapists, Alex Millet, K La Cuard, Jose Zaragoza, Deeptone, Coqui Selection, Fluidis, Conga Squad Feat. Alexia Wakku, Acrylite, Salemme, Styleshaker, Sunrider, Smlok, Jason Turbulent, M Lovers, Romance D, Stevie Mycs, Joan Reyes & Juanra Martinez, Dual Core, Richard Gatling, DJ Rage, Tamerlan & Djons, Waverockerz, [ex] da Bass & Ian Brearley, Calabria, DJ Sakin, Jackville, Gabriel Ghost, D-Force, DJ Power, Tuomas J, The Disko Starz, Johnny Cypher, Cel Signal, Inner Smile, DJ EQ, Console 9, Morris & Cain, Monospace, Conga Squad, Steve Forget, Laurent Wild, Freeze, Fred Henderson ft. Mc Decibella, 20 Dollars Motel, A & M Production, Stereoliner, The Groovelab, DK Project, Earl & Turner, Hot Hands, Elisete, Miguel Valbuena, Weimar, Mac Monroe, Colin John And Corey Baker, Spring Breeze, Portmann & Addario, Sapphire, Johnny Maker, Toby Sky, Black Sun, Grand Slam Booty, Anoikis, Petula Caesar, Lars Van Dalen, Oscar Salguero, Loungeside, Red Devils, Eskalation Featuring Sacha Williamson, Lexa, Gee Traxx, Igness, Keven Le Fonque, Psychotropic Project, Adam Bass & Adam Ross, Magnus Froblom, Mathieu Le Manson, Cornell, Van Dressler, Crew 7, Virus, Max One, Dr. Kucho!, DJ Saphire Project, Tobias Kimmel, Michael Lander, Bts Chitlom, Angelo Montesu, Pascal Saphira, Robert G., Nogales, Giera DJ, Aboutblank, KLC, Traces Traxx, Dave Cold, Dirk Dreyer, DJ Pervert, Hans-O-Matik, Sonido Puro, Alex Barattini, SoundLift, Sun Kidz, DJ Power, Crew 7, Le Daan, Marci Miller, June, Palace, Jon Cutler, Tricky P, Tochner, Colorless
Attention.Inc Music | 2011-11-11