- Portmann & Addario


PORTMANN & ADDARIO Mid-90’s the exact same guys were producing electronic music. As a live act called „Brain Access“ they spent 11 years rocking the stages of clubs all over Switzerland and it’s neighbouring countries. Today is the day, now is the time: Matthias Portmann, head of Portmann & Addario, recreated the group: new name, new logo, new music. Portmann & Addario came to life! Shortly thereafter, their first release with their own label (Metronom DeLuxe Records), called „Stars Under The Sun“, was to follow. This track marked the beginning of a new era and further tracks are soon to follow one-by-one, all of them bearing only one goal in mind: giving you goose bumps. Call it Bigroom-House, Club-Music or whatever you want...All that really matters is hearing beautiful melodies and sounds that put you in a trance and make your body move. So if the dancefloor’s gotta burn: Portmann & Addario is your answer. Because that’s what gets under your skin!