- Polisynth


POLISYNTH Italian freelancer Dj / Musician since "the electrical 80's" together with the birth of house music .it isintriguing kind of music wich live up the capital city club, suchas:Alien, Hangar, Circolo degli artisti, Stellarium, Alpheus,Mythos and ther most interesting european clubs as: underwater(London) Electro wertz (London) KinkY (Benidorm Spain).On 1994 he takes part in a Dj world competition DMC, and hegets to the national final stage. In the mean time he specializesas sound engineer and gives a start to a brilliant carreer assound-designer and producer, are many remixes and productions from house and electronic dance, receiving theintrest of many famous artist's as: Corona, Tony Esposito, JameSenese, Baba Sissoko, Sumi Jo, Fiordaliso and many manymore artist from the dance electronic and pop, outline whitchmade him to collaborate with their productions. Polisynth usually says:My biggest influence is people every day thati meet people from all over the globe, from all differentcultures and creeds.....THINK POLISYNTH