- Playtime Productions


Playtime Productions are London based production duo Daniel Rawe and Vivid Emotion, who share a strong passion and understanding of underground music.The forward thinking pair draw from life experiences and aim to make music that you can relate to on a deep level. For them it's all about the party!Their deep, moving emotional electronic music draws on influence from various genres from around the world. A close friendship formed through depths of musical knowledge led to experimenting with different sub-genres of drum and bass, hip-hop and house music. They seemed to have found their comfort zone following their recent releases; The instantly recognizable 'Our Kind' out on AudioRehab+ Recordings, 'Next to Her' out on their very own label Recess Recordings and 'Sicker Than Your Average' out on Audiowhore Records, all which have received international DJ support.The duo continue to create and have a bright future ahead of them with an array of forthcoming tracks.