- Plamady


A musical duo from Belarus, playing Progressive House,Progressive Trance.PLAMADY is a project of two young musicians: ALEX MAD(Alexander Kirilenko) and PLAT ON (Platon Vasilevsky).ALEX MAD - full name Alexander Kirilenko. He was bornFebruary 7, 1992. He is a composer, DJ and producer fromBelarus, Minsk. According to the interactive rating topdj.by2010 – 2012 , vklybe.tv 2014, he is the Best DJ of thecountry! His professional career began in 2006. In 2010 hecreated a recommended- promotional group in the nightlifefrom Belarus. He is a resident of Godskitchen Urban Wave ,Crossfield, MAYDAY, Global Gethering, Transmission, OurSpace, Energy Summers festivals ets.PLAT ON - full name Platon Vasilevsky, born November 28,1990. He is a composer, DJ and producer from Belarus,Minsk, was born in Novopolotsk. He is a member of LoadedFist and PLAMADY projects. Platon began his musicalcareer in 2005, when he was interested in electronic music.In 2009 he created the breaks Loaded Fist project. T heproject debut under the name Luna Park / Elusive held onthe 16 th of April in 2010 . A released track got a supportfrom the Plump DJ's, General Midi, Far Too Loud, FutureFunk Squad, NSB Radio and many others. T he followingreleases are also a lot of success.