- Pitch Please!


Pitch Please is an electronic music act from Bjelovar, Croatia, Europe. T his Croatian duo, real names (Dino Vrančić and Sanjin Banić) steped on EDM scene not so long ago and already made significant achievements. Even though they existed and worked even 6 years ago but under few other names, now they know how the things are done and they are determined to make Pitch Please big name. They are here to represent boundary between real and imaginary/gaming world. Pitch Please as a name isdesigned and started working in 2012. In one and a half year they had many success but now they want more. They have worked and are working with producers from some of the best music labels in the world such as (Armada Music, Monstercat Media, Plasmapool...) In year 2013. they've reached beatport top 30 several times with their glitch hop tunes. Now they are ready to maintain their glitchy sounds but turn them into electro house.They started with Electro house, and that is what they want to end up with. With their catchy electro sounds their main goal is now to reach the top. Be sure to remember this name. Big things are about to come.