- Pirdo


Pirdo is an Argentine DJ & producer, in the genres Deep House, Tech House and Minimal House.During his teens he began to listen to local radio channels of House music. A few years later he began to experiment withdifferent sounds, mixing House and Techno combining with various types of percussion and rhythms.He began to venture into new sounds and achived his current sound after visiting the main in uential cities in the world of theelectronic music scene (such as Amsterdam, London, Ibiza, Berlin, New York, among others) and its main festivals andconferences (such as ADE, WMC, Sonus , Ultra, Loveland, Circoloco). This is reflected in the versatility of his sets, loaded withenergy and groove.He made his way to the great clubs of the electronic scene in Buenos Aires, such as Bahrein, Brandy, Niceto