- Pimp!ie


PIMP!IE is one of the best EDM Austrian producers and DJ talents .He works with international famous producers like Alex Di Stefano from Italy and Koen Groeneveld from the Netherlands.He spins in Europe ́s top locations and now he is finding more and more fans also on the other side of the Atlantic ocean !PIMP!IE on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pimp-ie PIMP!IE on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pimpmusic More info and contact: :http://www.pimp-music.com Remixcontact: info@pimp-music.comBookingcontact: olaf@trinitymusix.comReleas es :PIMP!IE - Bear SlammingPIMP!IE - Give me morePIMP!IE - What happens in NYC..? PIMP!IE - Deeper SpeakerPIMP!IE - Confidential parts of mine PIMP!IE - Plane to OsakaPIMP!IE - Technoid in Tokyo