- Phoseph


Phoseph has erupted on to the Seattle House music scene, with no plans to go anywhere. After relocating from the desert, and settling into PNW life, Andrew aka Phoseph held no punches in bringing his spark to the local community. His most notable moments occurring just recently. Over the past few months he has spanned the city’s most notable venues and hotspots, making his presence known at locations like Monkey Loft, Q Nightclub, Foundation Nightclub, Kremwerk, and The Smith Tower to name the more notable. Releasing music through both local and international avenues, you’ll find tracks from Phoseph on labels such as Late Night Munchies, Laser Native and BOX OF CATS. Not stopping there he’s sought to provide opportunities and bolster those around him, through the creation of FRIEND ZONE a channel to spotlight the people who make this scene thrive. Receiving the opportunity to curate shows in public spaces as a result of the regular Thursday night “pre-game” stream he hosts weekly. Pushing those around him into the spotlight, assisting with the development of their skill sets while always making sure to connect his new friends.