- Philipp Kox & Stereoliner


Philipp Kox & Stereoliner Philipp Kox (Steffen Scheuermann) & Stereoliner (Sakin Bozkurt) project founded in 2009 in Frankfurt. Style: Electro-House/Techno As an artist, DJ and producer, Pilipp Kox & Stereoliner has surpassed various milestones over the course of his career. Sakin Bozkurt Since 1990, DJ Sakin has been turning vinyls and Produced Electronic Music. He was a DJ in the most popular Clubs Resident, among others in the Wartburg (Wiesbaden/1990) and later until 1993 in the MusicHall (Frankfurt) from 1997-1999 he was also DJ in the Best Trance Club in Europe PRODO X (Darmstadt) At the age of 16, Sakin began with DJing, he had always wanted to play music and DJing was his biggest dream! His sets comprise trancy sounds and hard beat. In his private life, Saking likes listening to hits from Depeche Mode - especially after long nights of playing. Meanwhile, Sakin is one of the most popular DJs and he also often puts on Raves and Clubs. With their first single hit "Protect Your Mind (Braveheart), DJ Sakin & Friends even succeeded to come third in the Charts. With this place in the Charts, "Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)" is the most successful trance hymn of the year 1998 and even reached gold level in Europe. After receiving Gold-and Platinum awards, the "Echo" Nomination and 3 million sold Records he is without a doubt a 'Master of Club and Dancemusic'. Sakin is the Producer of the projects (Stereoliner/Calabria/Suite610/Sven Laakenstyk and many more....) A cooperation with Vanessa Mae and Run DMC brought a similar success for DJ Sakin