- Phil Deca


I am making music since 12 years.thereat I was began to make rap music with my own texts.It ran a few months. Then I was making only rap instruments about 1 year and over time I was began to try "trance tunes" and "trance songs".After a few months I was trying to make also "drum and base,electro,house"etc.. and I was making also some remixes. When I was 14, my production was be weaker because of begining "Graffiti art" About 2 years I was making music only sometimes with a long breaks.Graffiti was chief.I was making only some remixes on more known music and sometime some own production. In those times I was made remix on "Jolanda be cool - We no speak americano" which have been more than 5 000 times downloaded for free and rated than the best on one particular web page. After 2 and half year I was ended "Graffiti" and over again was music more inportant.:) I was began to take music more seriously and I was wanted reach some success. I was returned to "Trance music".I was making another half the year since "graffiti end" and then I was wrote to first music label where I was released with my 2 newest songs thereat. Later another 2 songs and then I was wanted better and bigger label, so I was wrote you. My notion about future is to get to "armada music" with my own music style and to move and to enrich the independent electronic music.