Key Commands
 - Peter Eilmes


Music matters most – this must be the mantra playing in Peter Eilmes' (aka Plattenpeter) heart. Otherwise there would be no explanation for the great success he had in the past few years. With his never exhausting energy and an obvious playful ease Peter Eilmes found this way to the top. Starting off as a promo-CD-distributing offspring DJ he now has become a constant in the international club scene. It doesn't matter if he performs at the Cocoon Club, at the Tresor, the Loveparade or at Nature One – every single time Peter finds the right beat to move the masses. He is down to earth and open-minded, which is attributed to a solid personality and a high professional standard. One is able to tell by his technical perfect sets. Peter plays house, techno and everything in between. To name a few of his skills: he has an open ear for current music styles, always peppered with unpublished tracks and an excellent knowledge of the mysterious influence of classics in the right moment. Elegant like a Singapore Sling, or drastic like a Long Island Ice Tea, his sets force club visitors on the dance floor and trigger euphoric moments in everyone attending. Between sunset and the break of dawn the night belongs to Peter Eilmes.