- Pera Yang


Pera Yang is an electronic music producer / sound designer from Seoul, S.Korea. He has showed up with his first EP “Still Awake (Techno / Tech House)” on the 21st of march, 2012 with the help of Superdrive Records (Italy).“Still Awake” includes an original mix and three remixes of deep and dark style. He has proved his musical talent by managing from producing to mixing and mastering his original mix only by himself. For the other three remixes, Alex Schwarz, Fossilii and Mora Matteo have contributed. Even though he is a youngster in this field, this ambitious and gifted producer is capable enough to handle a number of genres such as Electronica and Experimental, not to mention Techno. Further, he is one sound designer who pursues a distinctive color in his work. As he put himself in charge of every steps in producing, his peculiar and unique traits have become vivid throughout his music. For his future work, such features are highly expected. He usually gets inspired from daily-life basis episodes, and now plans to go into action as DJ as well. Such passion tells us that no one would doubt his potential to become an All-round player for the next generation.