- Pepe Norman


Pepe Norman has been spreading his brand of Electronic Club Music around the globe for many years. Pepe was born in 1980 and now is located in Leipzig, Germany. Since 2001 Pepe runs the booking and artist management agency Spacelounge. Born and raised in Stendal Pepe early became infected with illegal House & Techno Underground Parties in the Suburbia of Berlin. He organized his first own Party Night at the age of 18 and continued to host and promote several Club and Open Air events in and around Berlin and Leipzig. In 1998 Pepe started to play as DJ on local events. He breaks up with his DJ performances in 2003 to study Media and Arts at university and later to work as editor and PR manager. Since 2008 Pepe was back and now preferring to play live. His current sets are an odyssey of Deep and Minimal Tech House, created with Ableton and some of his adored maschines. The latest DJ sets as Supreme Sluts together with his long time mate Enzo Matari show a more proggy site of his wide musical spectre. One of Pepe’s most famous quotes is ‘Great music is not a question of style, it is a question of groove.’Pepe began to produce own tracks in 2005 and his releases and remixes can be found since 2007 under several alter egos on labels like Plasmapool, Suicide Robot, Noobish, 7 Senses and more. In 2009 Pepe launched his first imprint Konsulat. His House, Electro and Downbeat label Heaps was established in 2010. To have all the different activities under one roof Pepe founded the DIG IT DOWN Music Group in 2010 and publishes now any kind of Electronic Music. Furthermore DIG IT DOWN provides infrastructure for independent labels, agencies and artists and manages their consulting, mastering, production and market ing.Visit: http://www.pepenorman.com