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Bookings:lookingforpedro@gmail.comPe Dro is a mad music lover! He started to play seventeen years ago in the bars and clubs of his hometown in Spain. In the early days of DJing in the mid-nineties, he was initially influenced by the first releases of Breakbeat, but quickly jumped directly into early Detroit Techno and Electro. Actually playing a wider blend of styles, from Nu Disco and Deep House to Techno and Minimal.In 2000, he decided to move to Barcelona to become a sound engineer, following his passion for both music and technology. Always accompanied by the music he loved, Pe Dro worked in film, TV, theater, fashion, live music shows and still managed tosqueeze in time in his recording studio.After twelve years, he decided to tour through Asia looking for new challenges and experiences. In his first year, he has been performing in top venues in Vietnam beside international artists. It hasn’t taken long for Pe Dro to become a well-known name in the clubbing circuit. His explosive sets, combining his Techno past influences with the deepest and emotive sounds from the present, has gained him a strong following in the expat community and with local Vietnamese partygoers alike.In 2013 he came back to the production field, releasing a remix for Grey City Records after being asked by the legend Miguel Matoz. Since then he started ti produce some new tracks that soon will be released through different labels.