- Pavle Vasiljevic


Pavle Vasiljevic is a Macedonian born and bred producer,which has been producing music since 1998. Being a son ofa recognized jazz saxophone player, music was aroundsince early childhood. The way into electronic music cameas a logical progression after all different music influenceshe had throughout his early life. Therefore his first songsincluded a lot of live instruments such as live bass lines,guitars, trumpets, saxophones. His recent work is moreunderground influenced, with minimal and techno being maindrives. He likes fat and groovy bass lines which havebecome his recognised style. As a DJ has been playingsince 1998, holding residency in the capital Skopje in fewclubs until 2005. At that time he had few gigs at festivals andvenues all around the country, playing along with artistssuch as Darren Emerson, Ian Pooley, David Morales, SebFontaine etc. Nowadays his DJ set influences comes mostlyfrom the German underground scene, and he DJs againregularly.