- PaulCam


PaulCam, has made of his passion, music, source of life.Energetic, creative and ambitious, it succeeds thanks to its sound outside the scheme, to transport the audience of every age that it finds in front of itself, transmitting pure emotions.From a young age, he is dragged by the rhythm that flows through his veins and begins to take an interest in digital music and the world of Djing, with particular interest in the field of Dance. In a few years revealing his skills, he inflames the Dancefloor of his city, establishing himself more and more like Deejay to become the resident in several clubs, thanks to his highly requested SET.From Deejay begins the journey towards remixes, mashups but above all productions. In 2018 he joined the CLAW RECORDS LABEL with which he gave life to his project. On February 10th 2018 he released his release from the name SMACK.Talent, enthusiasm and perseverance will accompany PaulCam on the road he is traveling, the desire to entertain the public is the force that drives him to go further.