- Paul und Smith


Paul und Smith is the musical union of dj Speep, aka PaulBauer and Nakosta Yoris. T hey are both french now living inBerlin. Paul und Smith started their DJ career in the late 90'sin the east of France. Paul (Speep) was one of the twoowners of Selectronic Records but he also madeproductions released on Goodlife Records or OzoneRecords.When Smith (Nakosta Yoris) moved to Berlin, in 2011, Pauldecided to join him in order to collaborate in the productionof electronic music. T hey worked so well together that in2012 they decided to make it a permanent partnership,becoming Paul und Smith...www.facebook.com/paulundsmithwww.residentadvisor.net/dj/paulundsmithwww.soundcloud.com/paulundsmithwww.mixcloud.com/paulundsmith