- Paul Schubert


Paul Schubert is a Boston native, music producer, sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer/performer. Schubert has been writing music now for over ten years. Schubert’s style is eclectic but nevertheless delivers quality recordings ranging from high energy tech house to more meditative deep tech and rhythmic minimal. Schubert draws inspiration from many sacred fountains including a vast array of world music. Also, Schubert is an advocate for many issues facing the world such as holistic living, support of organic food, and sustainable agriculture. Schubert’s style is complex, thoughtful, and indulgent. Combining programming and engineering skills with high-delity sound recording practices, merging both analog and digital, the sound you tend to hear is deep, thoughtful, and always forward- thinking. Schubert has always had a tremendous passion for music, whether it be listening, or producing. Schubert has clocked astronomical hours mixing, producing, bouncing, observing, and engineering. Music is always an ongoing journey for Schubert, and he sees music as not just an ordinary commodity, but a means for understanding some of the many great secrets of our beloved universe.