- Patrick Sanders


Patrick Sanders – formerly known as DJ Denin & DJ NoFx – started his carreer at the legendary “Club Utopia” in Basle, Switzerland. He played Trance at most of the clubs in Switzerland and at many bigger events like Goliath, White Wolf & Sonic. He was resident DJ at the Utopia for over 3 years before the club closed forever. Taking a break tofocus on education, he met Reat Kay on the glory days of Facebook. T hey both knew each other the time at Utopia, when Patrick was responsible for Reat Kay’s first real booking. Patrick heard some of the early tracks of Reat Kay and after having a few beers together, they decided togroup up and return to the scene, the turntables and the clubs as team. 2011 they presented their first release House of Love on Procon Records, directly entering the Swiss Dance Charts and climbing up to rank 55. In the future months they released Freacking, Shore & Treelectric on Procon Records and Rich & Glorious Records – some of them have been released to several compilations.2013 they both had the feeling it’s time for something bigger. They finally started to set up their own real studio and decided to realize the vision they shared all the time: Their very own record label – to have the releases in their own hands and to give something back to the scene. They both wanted to have the opportunity to support fresh artists on their first steps into the music business as they have been supported aswel. TronTronic Entertainment was born – and with their first release Hazard as Alec Tron they topped every previous release.