- Passhe


Alan&Passhe Dj's & producers , now in the new stage of techno music emerging from one of the most exiting and energetic cities of the world, MEXICO CITY, place were t hey born, and t hey have become in one the most popular and professionals of Mexico, with all that energy and excellent rhythms, they have been taken place in the most amazing and privilege set rooms in the Mexican Republic,Naming their own stile *TechMex*(TechnoMexicano) sharing scene next toint ernat ional djs like John Digweed, kermit,sintonika,negro salcedo,sander Kleinenberg,Trent Cantrell, Ticon, and Joy Marquez.Now int roducing t heir new records in beat port . com, playing by 76 recording the greatest and better knowing lable in electronic music around Mexico city, sharing label, with Negro Salcedo, Giorgio Bendesi and Ramses Jair world wide known producers. Photography: Abraham Rougerio Rougerio.com