- Party Killers


You still haven’t heard about Party Killers?They are 3 young talented Djs-producers and friends who decided to join forces and form the EDM trio Party Killers.They are above all, fans and lovers of music who each contribute just the right ingredient to compliment and give rise to their own amazing sound using all of their passion, talent and emotion.Over the past few months, Party Killers have worked on several big name projects, adding they’re own special touch on remixes and productions which have gone on to become hugely successful.Currently, Party Killers are working on their own original material directed in Electro/Progressive House and also on some collaborations with other Artist/Producer around the world.They are Resident DJ at Radio FGUSA with their fast- growing Radioshow "Arena" includes the participation of International Guests like DubVision,Tom Swoon, Those Usual Suspects, Bisbetic, Delayers, Kitsch 2.0, Doctors in Florence, Fred Lilla and many more will be coming soon


Ibiza House Top 100 - 2019
DJ Falk, Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll, Roger Sanchez, Julie McKnight, Park & Sons, Kevin Courtois, AU-1, Trutopia, House Madness, Party Killers, Roger Horton, Bobby Rock, Ralvero, Alex Schulz, Supertons, Timmy P, Malone, Richard Grey, Block & Crown, Lissat, Chris Marina, Tom Forester, DJ Romi, Andrey Exx, Karmen Moxie, Andre Rizo, Bankewitz, Max Bering, Elsa, Paul & Friends, PEZNT, Martin Badder, Greenjelin, Sam Collins, Lissat & Voltaxx, Fritz Jong, Rob & Jack, Sebastien Drum, Artemio, Avenax, Joey Antonelli, Dave Young, Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, Sawo, Loving Arms, Alex House, Bluckther, Rogerio Lopez, Tim Porta, Julie Mc Knight, Roger Taylor, Sicnature, King & White, Carisman, Bedrud, Aneta Moran, David K., Leon Brooks, Sahbi, Ben Delay, Audax, Adriano Pagani, Dimy Soler, Boogie Pimps, Calmani & Grey, Alec Sun Drae, Loui & Scibi, Daisy Kilbourne, Nomi, Tim Gartz, LiRina, Casanovy, Nathaniel, Shawnee Taylor, Ultra Nate, Marcimo, Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati, OMZ, Lenny, Meines, Bolier, Ufopiloot, Henry Hacking, Suonare, David Brush, Popcorn Poppers, Alexia Nigh, Dunno, Coline, Bassner, Josto, Ron Carroll, Jose Ogalla, Keyano, Sweed, Jalana, Juloboy, Arco, Kataa, Valentin Ilie, Hugo Gerber, No Requests, Matty Menck, Mattini, Nyers, Morelly, JONVS, Da Hool, Sandro Pertini, Shiloff, Hoxtones, Cèline Chant, Anbargo, David Caballero, Nia Martin, Angi, Greg Dela, Luca Cassani, Ricky Castelli, Ellie Madison, Niels Van Gogh, Steelfish, Marc Vedo, DJ Rae, Funkin Matt, Stefan Koenig, DJ Timstar, Francesco Gomez, MBP, Koslow, Christian van Ham, Faul & Wad, Avalanche City, Justluke, MDE, David Beyer, Jake Dile, DJ Mix, Block & Crown, CASSIMM
Quadrophon | 2019-06-07