- Park & Sons


A musical journey started by two friends back in 2012, combining forces on their past production output and musical roots merging into the techno project ‘Park & Sons’. The Dutch-born -and Amsterdam-based techno-duo consists of Jorik van de Pol & Vincent Leijen. Through a string of remixes and originals in the years that followed, they secured substantial live-support from heavyweights in the industry. Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Joris Voorn, Hot Since 82 & Maya Jane Coles, all playing their music on inuential shows like Ultra/Resistance Miami, Boiler Room Johannesburg, Space Ibiza & Awakenings. The Park & Sons’ discography also steadily increased with standout releases such as: “Icarus (To The Sun)” ft. Nathan Nicholson, frontman of UK indie band The Boxer Rebellion, “Epoch” and their unique one-off collaboration “This Feeling” with Roger Sanchez ft. Julie McKnight on New York’s legendary Strictly Rhythm label. This has not left them unnoticed getting airtime on tastemaker radio-shows like BBC R1, Beats1, Sirius XM, Radio 538 & Slam FM and collecting a couple of million streams already on their self-released tracks. Over the years they have become consummate and globally in-demand DJs, spreading their signature sound at many of the leading clubs and festivals around the world, such as: Ultra/Resistance Seoul, Beijing & Shanghai, Elrow, Spectrum by Joris Voorn, Free Your Mind, Soenda & Rotterdam Rave just to name a few. 2019 launched a long-desired new chapter in the life of Park & Sons unveiling their new Kobra Records imprint, propelling the clearly grown and dynamic duo deeper into techno spheres. The label prefers releasing music in EP format encouraging artistic diversity, whilst also hosting a creative hotspot for up-and-coming and established artists. Kobra Records had lift-off with Park & Sons’ critically acclaimed EP’s “Stellar Nights” and “Seoul” and has more musical techno stories up its sleeve. Rumour has it a live show is in the making too!


Ibiza Deephouse Megamix 2019
Sllash, Doppe, DJ Mix, Ultra Nate, Marcimo, Lenny, Meines, David K., Sammy Slade, Boogie Pimps, Henry Hacking, David Brush, Ben Delay, Mamma Gamma, DØFF, Holter, Mogyoro, Courier, Mr. Calix, Tom Forester, DJ Romi, Sandro Pertini, The Ger-Man, PEZNT, Shermanology, Dennis Quin, Softpaw, Malone, Yves Murasca, Chasing Kurt, Rosario Galati, Timmy P, Vincent Caira, Roger Taylor, Jerome Robins, Rescue, Luca Cassani, Ricky Castelli, Ellie Madison, MBP, Koslow, Josh Butler, Martin Badder, Vescu, Riiver, Matonii, 84Bit, Andrey Exx, Alex Lotus, Alex Lo Faro, Richard Grey, Lissat, Alec Sun Drae, Loui & Scibi, JayAge, Krumm & Schief, HP Vince, The Forgery, Daisy Kilbourne, Scott Diaz, Yescene, Manuel Baccano, Cosmo Klein, Jugende, Alex Schulz, Matty Menck, MZA, Ralvero, Animale, Gorge, Lazarusman, Karol XVII, MB Valence, Bedrud, Aneta Moran, Nopopstar, Ira Ange, Block & Crown, Chris Marina, Karmen Moxie, Angel Anx, Mike Vale, Sam Collins, Dominica, Trutopia, Duke & Robin, Dave Young, Hight, Hannah Jane Lewis, Roger Sanchez, Julie McKnight, Park & Sons, AU-1, Mimo, Oliver Knight, Mario Beck, E.M.C.K., Francesco Gomez, Mario Cruz, Hugo Gerber, Max Bering, Copy Paste Soul, Code3000, Andre Rizo, Viktor, Sharam Jey, Vanilla Ace, Stefan Koenig, Van Harden, Tough Love, Marc Vedo, DJ Rae, Christian van Ham, Greenjelin, Coyotes, David Beyer, Bolier, NBLM, Billy Sizemore, Nyers, Distant People, Hannah K., &AL, Leon Brooks, OMZ, Calmani & Grey, Leon Brookz, Marcus Brodowski, Gorge
I Love This Sound | 2019-07-19
Ibiza House Top 100 - 2019
DJ Falk, Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll, Roger Sanchez, Julie McKnight, Park & Sons, Kevin Courtois, AU-1, Trutopia, House Madness, Party Killers, Roger Horton, Bobby Rock, Ralvero, Alex Schulz, Supertons, Timmy P, Malone, Richard Grey, Block & Crown, Lissat, Chris Marina, Tom Forester, DJ Romi, Andrey Exx, Karmen Moxie, Andre Rizo, Bankewitz, Max Bering, Elsa, Paul & Friends, PEZNT, Martin Badder, Greenjelin, Sam Collins, Lissat & Voltaxx, Fritz Jong, Rob & Jack, Sebastien Drum, Artemio, Avenax, Joey Antonelli, Dave Young, Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, Sawo, Loving Arms, Alex House, Bluckther, Rogerio Lopez, Tim Porta, Julie Mc Knight, Roger Taylor, Sicnature, King & White, Carisman, Bedrud, Aneta Moran, David K., Leon Brooks, Sahbi, Ben Delay, Audax, Adriano Pagani, Dimy Soler, Boogie Pimps, Calmani & Grey, Alec Sun Drae, Loui & Scibi, Daisy Kilbourne, Nomi, Tim Gartz, LiRina, Casanovy, Nathaniel, Shawnee Taylor, Ultra Nate, Marcimo, Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati, OMZ, Lenny, Meines, Bolier, Ufopiloot, Henry Hacking, Suonare, David Brush, Popcorn Poppers, Alexia Nigh, Dunno, Coline, Bassner, Josto, Ron Carroll, Jose Ogalla, Keyano, Sweed, Jalana, Juloboy, Arco, Kataa, Valentin Ilie, Hugo Gerber, No Requests, Matty Menck, Mattini, Nyers, Morelly, JONVS, Da Hool, Sandro Pertini, Shiloff, Hoxtones, Cèline Chant, Anbargo, David Caballero, Nia Martin, Angi, Greg Dela, Luca Cassani, Ricky Castelli, Ellie Madison, Niels Van Gogh, Steelfish, Marc Vedo, DJ Rae, Funkin Matt, Stefan Koenig, DJ Timstar, Francesco Gomez, MBP, Koslow, Christian van Ham, Faul & Wad, Avalanche City, Justluke, MDE, David Beyer, Jake Dile, DJ Mix, Block & Crown, CASSIMM
Quadrophon | 2019-06-07