Key Commands
 - Paolo Bardelli


Paolo Bardelli started working as a dj 30 years ago, and has actually worked in some of the best Italian clubs over that period. Also he has been a resident dj for the Lamessa party ( for 12 years now. Outside of the club scene he is a producer, and has put out more than 40 remixes.One of his most successful productions was NAMBY PAMBY, whose single “GIRLZ” was broadcast in the U.S.A by TRIBAL AMERICA (and which was number 2 in the U.S.A charts in the first week of release,and above all DANNY TENAGLIA’S big number). Also the single “CLUB RULES” was a huge success in France. The track was also used on the soundtrack of the French movie “PEDAL DOUCE”.Over the last year he has started producing for White Cat Recordings