- Pandhora


Pandhora is the artistic and human symbiosis of two musicians metamorphosed into producers who wish to bring sounds that occupied their thoughts back alive. Their music is an open sky laboratory where experimentation is the keyword. Syncopated rhythms and psychedelic melodies mix with powerful techno’s bass while strengthening by throbbing guitar riffs inspired by 70’s progressive and psychedelic music. Their productions claim to give to the audience an alternative to nowadays electronic dance music by introducing shape and lyricism to it. With Pandhora, we are travelling through time with a delighted elegance. They are always seeking for new sonorities and o en invite other musicians to join them, whether they are vocalists or instrumentalists so they can create an original universe for each of their productions. Their latest EP «Divagations Cosmiques» released on french label Cepage Music is putting under the spotlights the jazzy voice of Lakmé, the former singer of Orme, a Neo-soul band from Marseille. Their new live act called «Deep Psychedelia» is a genuine condensed of all their experimentations.