- P. Jones


P. Jones has already achieved much more than most during his 22 years; establishing the label imprint Karton in 2011, and more recently launching a second label 'Ruis', there really is no end to the Dutchman's ambition, or talent.With an array of top-draw releases already under his belt, on some of the industry's most revered underground labels, including Karton, Art of Dark, Kina Music, Baile Music, Monday Morning Records, Earlydub, Draft and Wrong State Recordings. and his recent collaboration for NoVus VA Vol.1 with Lilith, was the first in a string of scheduled releases for 2014, most notably his collaboration Roon, due out on Fuse's sub label Infuse.Championing a unique minimalistic sound, enriched with intelligent percussive influences, P. Jones continues to impress with his all-round application to the music. With the growing success of both his labels, and the recent establishment of a record store in his home town of Haarlem, it is fair to say that P. Jones is cultivating something very special indeed.