- Owen Ezard


With a very personal style, Owen creates with his sets full of dynamism and with a clear underground trend, a very personal style that characterizes him from the first moment.He’s able to fuse in his sets the best and more current sounds. All this with an indisputable musical taste, interlacing from a very elegantly deep house to the most forceful techno, without neglecting for a moment the dance floor.Owen Ezard has been linked to the very famous night of Sitges, obtaining the residence in Otto Zutz (Sitges).That leads him to play in clubs like L’Atlantida and Sweet Pacha (Sitges), and some others club of renown of Barcelona like KGB, City Hall, Cabaret BerlinHe’s immersed in the production of his new releases which will see the light very soon...He is also owner of the label Konzentrisch Music.