- OverLine


Started producing when he was 15, inspired by songs from Avicii, Hardwell & Nicky Romero, his first releases "Beautiful Girl" and "Enjoy The Night" were supported by HN Records, who took the step of publishing the songs in all digital platforms and gave him feedback on them, and also got the opportunity of releasing his first official remix, "Nostalgia - OverLine Remix"; after some time of silence, he released 2 EPs: "Myself" and "Reloaded", evolving his music into the Big Room scene, which settled when in 2014, his unofficial remix of Echo got supported by Blasterjaxx in their official podcast "Maxximize On Air". In 2015, his rise continued starting his duo project "OverLine & Davantt" together with his good friend Alex and releasing his third EP "No Limits", being his year with the most releases of all, which finished with his most known tune "Why So Serious", which was supported by EDMCity and stands by now with over 90.000 views on their channel. Later in 2016, he released his fourth EP "Aftershock", supported by various channels included "BRO MEGA", having the tune itself "Aftershock" uploaded with almost 10.000 views, and also a brand new track with Alex Santee called "Storm". 2017 was the breakthrough year, after releasing his first EP "Krypton" under "OverLine & Davantt", and his tune "Dynasty"; but the key moment was when he got his first live support, when his tune "Titan" got supported by Juicy M at Medusa Sunbeach's Mainstage. Now, in 2018, he's been demonstrating everyone what he's capable of, showcasing a new EP in various genres, a Hands Up side project, a Summer-like track and a couple of Bigroom stage-destroying tunes that make no doubt that OverLine has earned himself the "One to Watch" status for 2019.