- Outriders


Angel Vergara was born in the mid 90's in Mexico City. He started to play guitar at the age of ten. A few years later, he spread his musical talent by learning to play drums, bass, and piano. His first approach to electronic music was Daft Punk's Around the World. He loved the songs, but he never got a full understanding of its electronic sound and the concept of it. In Junior High, he re-discovered Daft Punk and thanks to them, Angel discovered Ed Banger records. He was inspired by Justice, Breakbot, and Mr. Oizo to start a new project called “Outriders”. He started producing French house tracks at the young age of 16. Recently, he's producing EDM with a personal touch that goes back to his roots.Angel is also the producer of his own band "Beam Delight" where he combines his knowledge of electronic music with rock.