- Ortalio


Ortalio is a one person project; an artist from Olsztyn, Poland, and an electronic music producer. He started to write at the age of 3 and discovered music very soon afterwards. At first he was fascinated by rock music of 70's. As a teenager, he learned the keyboard and piano, taking jazz music lessons from great teachers he met in Olsztyn.  Computer Science studies and digital inclinations led him to make use of the computer in his musical efforts. He has produced electronic music since 2006, and he focuses on alternative, trip-hop, drum & bass, and the nu-jazz side of electronic music.​  Ortalio is also into remixing with a few prizes in international contests and a few albums he took part in. He also sings and performs his own lyrics. Radio scenarios that he writes lately are kind of a return to pure text forms and inspirations from his childhood. "Music has to be a pleasure for the author and the listeners. There is no need to make it any other way."