- Original Primate


Original Primate have chalked up a few releases in their short partnership. Pete O’Connor (Secureunit) and Rob Focuz (Apply The Breaks) came together through mutual appreciation of dirty raves, breaks and basslines and had their first release off the back of winning a competition set by Computer Music Magazine and the Canadian producer Myagi.They continued to their assault on the music scene receiving ‘Tune of the month’ in Mixmag July 2010 for their remix of UK Beat Cartel’s Carousel. Soon after Original Primate won 2nd prize for remixing a track called Lander by Posthuman, this had a limited edition CD Release at the end of 2010.Original Primate have previously remixed tracks for the likes of Enough Weapons on APE Recordings, D'State, Darkus & Tension on Bassrock Records and Silverfilter on Kick It Recordings.Battledance and Bassline Skanker is their first release on APE Recordings. Both tracks demonstrate a unique sound combining the Breakbeat and Dubstep sound with enough energy needed to create the perfect peak time dancefloor vibe.Pete and Rob are keen to give the O.P. treatment on future remixes projects and are looking to take their project live in the near future and wish to collaborate with Artists and Vocalists who are brave enough!