- Onur Betin


Onur Betin who was born in 1982, İstanbul started his academic music education at the department of stringed instruments -classical violin- at the Istanbul University State Conservatory in 1990. In 1992 the musician who was transferred to Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory showed a great success by combining his gifted talent with his massive command to his instrument at the Academy.. He has been making mu sic productions and arrangements since 2000. The producer’s first single "High" released from the Mexican company, MasLabel/Empo worldwide. The single has been offered for sale at the world’s popular digital music stores such as iTunes and Beatport. The single takes its place on several charts on TV's and radio stations throughout the country and out of the country. It also holds its place on several completions in Turkey and out of Turkey.His Lounge and Chillout tracks and remix productions broadcasted at Jose Maria Ramon's program at the Ibiza's biggest electronic dance music station İbiza GlobalRadio which shapes the world's trends in dance music. Some of his Lounge and Chillout tracks and remix productions took place in the completions of Power Fm Best of Power Extra Lounge. Onur Betin has been working on his new projects.